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Here you can find out how to improve your business exploring the power of data.

Data is the new oil! (Clive Humby)

So let’s start drilling!

Ask us for a presentation and we will help you to unleash great insights hidden beneath your data. Information you never thought you had will come to surface for improve your decision making. This is the power of Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.


We are a multidisciplinary team:

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Database Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers

With a multidisciplinary background:

  • Data Science
  • Business Intelligence
  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Database Architecture
  • Software Development

We are mostly from Master’s and PhD in Data Science.


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Our Mission

Provide to our customers high quality solutions in Big Data, Data Engineering and Data Science in order to boost their business by giving support to efficient strategic decision making.

Our Vision

To be an innovative company from whom people feel proud of being part of and to be a reference in quality in the market.

Our Values

  • Collaborative people
  • Innovation culture
  • Analytical mind
  • People success
  • Quality


IT Operations

  • Prediction for ticket dispatch
  • Classification of ticket text closure
  • Worked hours anomaly detection
  • Server resources anomaly detection
  • Root cause detection with change/incident correlation


  • Log analytics with anomaly detection


  • Fraud detection on transactions

Energy Efficience

  • IoT system with prediction, simulation and anomaly detection



“Our project with Intelligent Algorithms allowed us better understanding of our clients’ profile and their behavior as well. Besides that, using Artificial Intelligence, we could predict their needs and some market changes.”

Atacado (CTO)


“Intelligent Algorithms helped us to change our company in a data-driven ‘growing machine’. All decision making became assertive and data based, decreasing the learning time to fix daily basis problems.”

Zissou (CTO)

“Intelligent Algorithms provides state of art solutions in Artificial Intelligence. We work together in the Ambiosensing Project and the results were achieved with high quality algorithms.”

Ambiosfera (CEO)